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BABZ! Babz is very clever.

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  • BABZ! Babz is very clever.

    Hello, Babz. Thank you very much for your Christmas card. Yes, I know you sent it because I am always so very grumpy about Christmas but this was VERY clever. I mean, obviously you are all sorts of clever and good but I had not realised until now that you could make the Royal Mail do magic.

    Your card (very nice and with a lovely cat*) arrived despite it being addressed to a previous flat that I have not lived in for about 2 or 3 years and which was in a building that has been demolished and no longer exists.

    Never mind, eh? Tiny small details like that will not stop a Christmas card from Babz getting through. Fantastical magical Babz! Also extremely clever of the Royal Mail, of course, but I am inclined to think it is you doing magic.

    * pic of cute cat, not actual cat .Although if you want to send me a proper real cat, I will send actual address.

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    I have sent you a card to that address for the last couple of years...its taken that long for my Royal Mail
    elves to seek you out and make sure it went to the right place !!!
    Send your actual address(f/b messenger a good idea) so the elves can rest until your next move lololol
    Sorry can't send you a real kitty.

    Have a very wonderful Christmas and an even better 2019