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Have you taken the Scottish Citizenship Test? Ready for 2014?

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  • Have you taken the Scottish Citizenship Test? Ready for 2014?

    Have you seen this? May be a reality on 2014!

    SCOTTISH CITIZENSHIP TEST (Border Agency Scotland)

    Take The Test - Scottish Border Agency

    "If Scotland were to become independent, it too would require a citizenship test. Try our sample test and see how you fare!"

    It's quite funny, some questions tougher than others. e.g.

    What is the Duke of Wellington's traditional headwear in Glasgow?
    Which of the following is NOT available deep fried in Scotland...

    See how you get on, post your score on here and share on facebook and twitter to see how your friends do.

    Ideas for new questions welcome too!

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    15 out of 16

    got the loch ness one

    Rangers Football Club ceased to exist in 2012 after entering administration. A new company, 'The Rangers', was formed to keep the club running. It was denied entry to the Scottish Premier League, where 'Rangers' had won that year. 'The Rangers' play in the third division.


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      Heh heh heh - 15/16 too... Thought the whole point of a jumbo sausage supper (never had one...) was that the sausage was jumbo enough to survive on its own!


      • #4
        Bummer, I got 7. I'm never going to be allowed in!

        Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


        • #5
          tut tut kathy...thats even below what my english pals got.

          how many sausage is a single sausage?


          • #6
            Haha, took it again and got 11!

            Gee, a single sausage is ummmm 1? But the answer they wanted was 2, not 3.5 which would possibly be the American version!

            Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


            • #7
     a "single" just means "with no chips"
              when you get sausage they always give you 2.

              so a sausage supper = 2 sausage and chips
              and a single sausage = just 2 sausage


              i just noticed it too that it says Rangers didnt get into the spl where rangers had won that year.....when they didnt win the spl that year


              • #8
                I was surprised I got 15 right ! I hadn't a clue about the Edinburgh trams but I reckoned judging by other successes over the years, it wouldn't be built yet.

                I got the jumbo supper wrong. I though 3 and a half sound about right !


                • #9
                  Haha - 12 out of 16. . . Does that mean I'm in?