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  • Archaeological Photographs

    In the last two years, I've taken approximately 400 photographs of sites of archaeological interest around Scotland. Mainly in the Highlands & Islands, but some outside this area.

    If there's any interest, I'll post thumbnails of some of them here. I would encourage others to do the same - Scotland has a rich archaeological diversity, and it would be nice to see any pictures of it that you guys have!

    Here's a couple to be going on with.

    If you look closely at this standing stone, you may be able to make out the Christian cross that's been carved into it. It's the last one standing of a stone circle, and there's a variety of tombs, stone rows and other stone circles all over the top of this hill.

    This is the centre of the Callanish Standing Stones - arguably the finest stone "circle" in the UK.

    This is Dun Carloway - one of the finest remaining brochs.

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    What part of the Highlands are these photos of?


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      Originally posted by keltic_bhoy
      What part of the Highlands are these photos of?
      The standing stone is at Learable, in Strath Halladale (Sutherland). Callanish and Dun Carloway are close together, on the Isle Of Lewis.