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  • New photo website,

    Hey everybody,

    After 3 months work, I've finally got my new Scotland photo gallery online:

    If you enjoy pictures of Scottish countryside, history, towns & villages and just about anything to do with Scotland, I hope you'll enjoy this site!

    All images are original and best of all the site is completely free and not-for-profit.

    I hope you enjoy the site and I would love to hear your feedback about the site! (Good, bad, suggestions, etc all welcome)


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    Hi Graham - very nice site, I love the colour scheme and the site is very easy to navigate.

    Fast loading times as well.

    One of your best images is the "Princes Street, Edinburgh" - keep up the great work!


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      Thanks blackcat! I really appreciate your encouraging feedback!! I'm inspired now to get out and shoot some more material. If only I could get away from work!


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        Graham - did you manage to escape from work and take some new pics?


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          Hi there blackcatz

          Did you notice the couple of new ones I had added today or was that just a lucky guess?? Actually I didn't get time off work, but we went on a trip across to the west not all that long ago and I hadn't been through those photos to see if there were any in there that were worthy. I found a few, so hopefully over the comming weeks I'll be adding a few more images. We might even get away somewhere this weekend, but the weather isn't looking so favourable so I'm not sure how we'll go.

          Oh if only travelling around Scotland taking photos was my full time job!!!


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            Alright Graham - it was a lucky guess!

            Just checked your new pics and they are looking good, I particularly like the "Dwarfed House, Glencoe" photograph.

            Look forward to seeing your new images but as you say, you need to only pick quality ones which do your site justice.

            Where in Scotland is your favourite place to take photos?


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              Originally posted by blackcatzuk
              Look forward to seeing your new images but as you say, you need to only pick quality ones which do your site justice.
              Yes that can be really tricky at times! It's hard to be subjective but I tend to take the approach that if in doubt, it doesn't go on there. Funnily enough, the Dwarfed House was boarderline, but it grew on my so I finally gave in and stuck it on there! I'm glad you liked it!!

              I'm still tossing up whether to include this composite panarama on the site or not. It's kind of destroys the standard aspect ratio of the site and I can't decide if the shot is good enough to justify it!

              Where in Scotland is your favourite place to take photos?
              Boy that's a tough one given how contrasting the landscape and scenery of Scotland can be (which is one of the many things I love about the Scottish countryside). I don't think I could pick any one place. To be honest, I can't say there's anywhere I haven't been able to find something to snap!

              I have to say that in general, mountains and hills are a real passion of mine so I tend to be naturally attracted to such places (so the Cairngorms, around Loch Ness and Glencoe are favourite spots). I also love water features like lochs (again no shortage here ), especially when combined with mountainous backdrops.

              The thing I love about mountainous countryside is that it can look so different depending on the light and weather. You could photograph the same mountain 10 times, in 10 different conditions and have it look substantially different. The variety is endless. No wonder Scotland is one of the most photographed places on earth!


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                beautiful scotland

                I'm coming to Scotland on holiday this year and I cant wait. It's over 20 years since I last visited, with my husband. I left part of my heart in Scotland, wish I'd left my husband there instead, lol. But am now coming up with my new (much better) husband, he's never been although he's been all round the world with his job (merchant navy) and your pictures are so fantastic, it has really whetted my appetite...L x


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                  Thank you for the kind comments on the pictures Lizzie and here's hoping you enjoy your trip over here! What time of year are you planning on visiting? It's been an unusually mild winter here so far!