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Revocation of Independence

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    Originally posted by tig View Post
    when the students stole it back in the day they mate a few copies of it before they returned it, so no one knows if they returned the original or not.

    plus when thieving Ed was on his way to get it its rumored the local monks changed it before he arrived.

    plus a few olde books described it as made from black metallic rock (from a meteor or something) but all the other ones floating about are white stone.

    so all in all....nobody knows really.

    the one i was at is in the Arlington bar in Glasgow, where the students met up after the got it back from londinium
    I've heard it described as also being made of red sandstone which seems to be local to the Scone area. It's all very intriguing. I would love to know where the real one is.
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      so ,
      we gotta be on the lookout for a red white and black stone with a bumprint in it ..... that it ?


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        theres n need to look if you know where it is haha

        its definitely not sand stone tho


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          Well, as for Scottish Independence, I'm prepared to stick with the UK while Phil the Greek is alive. The guy's a riot. They should put him on a special series of Mock The Week. His comments would even make Frankie Boyle wince ! The thing about Phil is he loves saying these things direct to the people he's insulting !