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    The Rev Ian Paisley was attending an ecumenical peace-pray-in for tolerance and understanding at Birmingham, Alabama and afterward spotted ex Six-Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors. He made himself known and Lee invited him to his beach-house down near Mobile. At Lee’s house, Paisley was amazed to see Loyal Orange Order memorabilia in 3 display cases on the wall.

    Surprised, Paisley said “Lee, this is amazing ! In this first case, do I see you have the bloody banner which was flown at Dolly’s Brae in 1849 ? – Is it truly the original ?”

    Lee said “Yes Ian it is”

    At the second case, Paisley stopped dead and said “Is that the key of the main gates which were locked in the face of James’ rebel forces at Londonderry in 1689 ?”

    Lee said “Yes Ian it is”

    In the third case, Paisley saw an old dingy-white pad of cloth and padding about 8 inches long and 3 inches wide, stained heavily with old dried blood. He said “Oh my Lord, is that a wound dressing used by a soldier of King William’s army at the Boyne in 1690 ?”

    Lee looked wistfully, sighed and said “No – that’s the sash my Farrah wore”