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The Thin Blue Line

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  • The Thin Blue Line

    Christine, the police woman, arrives for duty half way up the Mound, Edinburgh, one cold morning. As she stands there, she’s waiting for her colleague, but no sign of her.

    Ten minutes later, she sees a blue-clad figure, hand on hat, galloping up the hill.

    It’s Sandra, her colleague.

    Christine “Sandra, where the hell have you been ?”

    Sandra “Och, don’t. I was on a heavy date last night and slept in. When I woke, I was so surprised, I shoved on all my clothes and forgot my knickers ! It’s bloody freezing !”

    Christine “Why don’t you go to Marks & Sparks, down the road here, and get another pair ?”

    Sandra “ I cannae do that. What if the Superintendant comes past in his car and sees me no’ here ?”

    Christine “Aye, sure enough. Wait a minute ! How about Rover, our sniffer-Alsatian ? We can get him here, associate him with your scent, then he’ll sprint to your place and bring back your knickers ?”

    Sandra “Aye OK !”

    They both whistle loudly on their special police whistles and soon Rover is louping up the Mound.

    Sandra sticks the Alsatian’s head up her skirt, he sniffs a few times and then gallops off.

    Ten minutes later, Rover comes back with three of the station-sergeant’s fingers.