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  • Can I tell this ?

    A Scottish likely-lad goes on holiday to Newquay (as you do). One evening he goes to an organized barbie and while sitting at his table, he’s opposite this really hot girl who’s with a guy. He eyes her up and she eyes him back. Soon, their feet are touching under the table and he rubs his toes up and down her leg. Then he goes for it, his foot up under her skirt and hits top-dead-centre, manoevres past cloth and starts tweaking her nethers with his toes. Her eyes are crossing at this forbidden pleasure, her boyfriend unaware of what’s going on.

    A couple of days later, his foot really hurts so he goes to a local doctor. The doctor says “Well that’s quite amazing, I’ve never seen anything quite like it – you have Gonorrhea in that foot ! What’s more amazing is that you’re the second strange case today, this morning I diagnosed a girl with Athlete’s C**t ! ”

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    Good one.