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Wee Scottish Guy in New York

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  • Wee Scottish Guy in New York

    Wee Scottish guy goes to New York for a week’s holiday. He goes into the first drinking establishment he sees, a darkly lit cocktail bar near Broadway.

    He goes up to the bar and says to the barman “Gies a pint o’ heavy, ma man !”

    So, he takes his bottle of Corona, looks around and sees a beautiful foxy lady in black sat at the end of the empty bar.

    He says to the barman “And a drink for the beautiful lady please”

    The barman clocks her and says to the Scotsman “I should warn you sir, that lady’s a lesbian”

    “Nae problem, a drink for the lady please”

    So she gets her drink and raises it to the Scotsman, who, seeing the opening, saunters over.

    “Hello darlin’ I hope that bright blue imbibity is tae yer satisfaction ?”

    “Yes it’s perfect, thank you” she replies.

    “Soooo – tell me” he says “Whit part o’ Lesbia dae ye come frum ?”

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    Great story....very funny...the part I got stuck on was the "corona"! lol


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      Corona Beer is bottled cerveza mexicano (complete with lime wedge you insert in the neck !). No Scottish style wee heavy in NY cocktail bars !