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He rose from the grave??

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  • He rose from the grave??

    an oldie but a goodie..

    two men went for a drink at the pub, they arrived home to find man 1's dog running around the backyard with what appeared to be a ball of fluff. on closer inspection the two men realised it was the girl neighbours pet rabbit.

    being quite intoxicated-the two men decided the best thing to do would be place the poor rabbit back in his cage. the rabbit was filthy as the dog had been running around in the dirt so they gave it a bath and dried it off. when they had finished the men stood back quite pleased at their attempt and finally jumped the fence and put him back in his rightful place.

    the next morning the neighbour came round to tell the story about his daughters rabbit, he said a strange thing had happened. apparently the rabbit had mysteriously died so he buried it in his yard. what was even stranger is the rabbit had reappeared in its cage a week after he buried it!

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    hahahha. I'd never heard that one.