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Sochi 2014 and gey rights

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  • Sochi 2014 and gey rights

    Has anyone else been left completely flabbergasted by the ignorant drivel the Russian authorities have been coming out with in the run up to the Games?

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    why we're even contemplating joining in in this farce is beyond me.

    its totally corrupt too


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      I am not supporting this event, won't watch it at all. IMHO it serves nothing for the spirit of the 'games' and it's used to promote whatever agenda the hosting country's politics are.

      If the country can't clean up it's human rights issues, they don't need to have the business and prestige offered by the Olympics. They will not get me.

      Researching this a bit, but it's not just the rights of humans they are violating, it's the residents of the place, they apparently kicked people out of their homes, no compensation, no relocation, and bulldozed places down to make room for arenas etc . . .

      And civilized countries are sending what they consider the cream of the crop to show approval for this? It's tacit agreement of human rights denied.

      Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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        They're drafting in cossacks to make everyone feel safe from the black widow bombers. What a relief !