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    I’ve just got this feeling that things are generally going backwards in the ME region. It seems as if the Arab Spring, presumably thought to be a popular rising to rid the people of corrupt, dictatorial regimes, and give them more say in running their countries and choosing their leaders, has instead resulted in reactionary long-beards gaining key positions and pushing their agenda of religious fascism into place which will control the population. These short-sighted diktats will keep the people in check right enough in increasingly religiously/tribally-driven countries but result in them drawing away from interaction with the West.

    Even here in ‘liberal’ Oman, the signs are starting to appear. Over the last few years, Oman has been spending a lot of money to attract foreign investment, visiting tourists and creating luxury residential developments for prospective well-heeled residents from abroad, in a smaller version of Dubai. They’re currently hugely expanding the airport for expected tourist and incoming foreign traffic. Up to now, the likes of me have been able to go to certain restaurants and get wine or beer etc with my meal if I wish. On occasion I have been able to go to outdoor gigs by well-known touring Western artists. I can go to one of a number of discos if I want, or dancing venues with live bands and have a drink or go to a pub such as Feeney’s Irish pub. I can get a quota of alcohol per month using my drinks permit book if I want. And so on.

    But recently, it has changed. Long-beards are taking charge and have already banned outdoor concerts, dancing in discos, live bands. Only 4-5 star hotels can have a band of no more than 3 performers, modestly dressed and they cannot dance during their performance. Sounds perfect if you like a trio from Coldplay. Licenced restaurants outside of 4-5 star hotels are not getting their licences renewed and likewise pubs. Even Feeney’s pub has shut down. I can see the day coming when expat alcohol permits are scrapped.

    The long-beard zealots clearly have no intention of accommodating the social culture of foreigners as tourists or residents any longer and want to turn the country into another Saudi Arabia. It’s obviously their country, their choice and I appreciate I have no say, but the way it seems to be going, forget attracting foreign tourism unless it’s pilgrims for the Haj.

    It may be, in time, Dubai is the only place in the region to cater for Western incomers. To do anything else would be the death of Dubai as a western haven.

    And now, the anti-gay ‘detection initiative’ intended for adoption for all GCC countries.

    Even Turkey has joined in. At the crossroads of Europe and Asia and long a tourist destination accommodating Western dress and culture, this week a popular Turkish TV presenter has just been fired for wearing a dress on TV considered improper, by revealing her cleavage (only a wee bit mind you !). Never a problem before, now it is.

    Syria, Egypt, Libya and now in a lesser way GCC and Turkey – it’s all part of a bigger picture, a methodical fundamental religious take-over, a slow back-lash. Of course, I could be wrong.


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      Originally posted by tig View Post
      im sure we could all post up links to fundamentalist religious groups in every country

      so wits yer point caller?
      right. Extremists are minorities everywhere.


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        Well, this week’s Islamic update:-

        A Turkish website has opened for business, basically an online adult-shop and visual arouser catering specifically for Muslims (is it for males and females I ask myself ?). However, the faint-hearted do not need to fear as they are not selling (how do I put this on a moderated site to suit all ages ?) “rubbery baton-like gadgets with or without batteries” as this is against the laws of the Koran (or Q’ran). I’m just astounded that they had the foresight back in the 600AD’s to anticipate such buzzy ‘haram’ toys. The website also offers tips on permitted ‘Halal sex’ (their words not mine). I do hope it doesn’t involve slitting a partner’s throat to bleed them dry at a vital moment !

        Meanwhile over in Brunei, the Sultan seems really keen today to hurry through ‘new’ laws introducing stoning for adultery and chopping off hands for stealing and no doubt also for writing defamatory posts and solitaire non-halal sex. If the stoning involves Heart of Midlothian players aiming stones at the condemned, the victims should be quite safe.

        Finally, backtracking to a news item a couple of weeks ago, a recent complaint which resulted in a Malaysian court ruling, now endorsed by law, has banned Christian newspapers, publications and broadcasters from using the word "Allah" when referring to God. Only Muslims may use the word "Allah". Presumably, it has been a registered trademark of Islam LLC since around 638 AD.
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          @Lachlan --- this made me chuckle. You have a gift with words!
          "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire