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Should He or Shouldn't He ?

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  • Should He or Shouldn't He ?

    So, the Crown Prince of Bahrain had declined the invitation to attend the Royal Wedding !

    Do you suppose it is because he is ashamed of the human-rights abuses and protests back in Bahrain or because he's scared he might get kicked off his throne while he's away ? Hmmmmmm - does anyone care ?

    Talking about Ayrabs with a sense of humour, where has Khalid Sheikh Mohammed hidden that nuclear bomb ? He stated to US Interrogators it is "somewhere in Europe". He threatens it will be popped if Oh-Sammy Bin Liner gets captured by Western forces or their allies. Doesn't seem to be doing Shaky Mo much good, the US legal system is determined to find him guilty for 9-11 and top him asap.

    As long as that beastly bomb isn't in Blighty !