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All who replied to Scott Depue were wrong

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  • All who replied to Scott Depue were wrong

    I'm glad I never chose another wrong side, Like all those who replied to the worst thing that was done to Scott Depue.Which was the saddest worst thing, that could have been done to a human being.MIND CONTROL IS TOTALLY SICK! IF YOU HAVE A COMPUTER LOOK IT UP.

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    There, there, son. Keep tekkin the medication


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      As I responded on the other thread -

      "No no, he doesn't want to come to Scotland ! Too many cameras on street corners, in shops, malls, churches, parks - everywhere. Scotland's full of people spying on everyone too. It would be his nightmare. There are only two places in Scotland, safe havens, where CCTV cameras and spies don't exist - the residential resorts of Carstairs and Rosslynlee. So when he arrives, he could go there immediately from the airport. But make a reservation to stay there first, as he doesn't want to be unlucky and miss out. (Carstairs +44-1555 840293; Rosslynlee +44 131 536 7600). Otherwise, best staying in America until a place is available at those 2 Scottish havens."