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  • I'm Scott Depue WHO GOT THE WORST!

    I'm scott depuewho is going through the worst nightmare a human being can imagine.Ever since I was a young kid the most sickest person or people have been watching and stalking my sisters and I with high tech technology.These sick evil people have used this technology to sick subliminal message and mind control me.These sick people have done this to my family for around 25 years.Over the years this thing has sickly grown, it seems all over U.S.A..Everywhere I go people are waiting to false accuse me,by staging things, while at the same time sick subliminal messaging me and sending it out to make me look absurd.They even tried murdering me in a hospital with pills they gave me, instead I had a horrible seizure and barely survived.I have been very mistreated in hospitals.It seems I am being driven to blow my head off because I am constantly being put through the worst,thats if I am not murdered first.These sick subliminal people are also saying they will murder my whole family also by exhausting them in every which way.If scotland is a country without a sick subliminal message and mind control please e-mailme in U.S.A. at *****************-Here is a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."Our Scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and Misguided men."
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    I'm sorry to hear about your predicament but I'm afraid Scotland has her fair share of sickos too dear boy.

    I think the only place without sickos is the South pole but I hear the polar bears are positively vicious and can't truly advise anyone to brave the arctic tundra and go there.

    It's best to talk with a professional who specializes in paranoia as you just might be needlessly suffering from that condition and I'm sure they can help.

    The other solution which works for me is to have a cup of tea and just laugh it off;failing that, again a medical professional might just be the ticket (they're not all bad and you just be lucky and find the right one).

    Good luck with finding a kind medical ear to listen to you.


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      Can I also say how sorry I am to hear about this affliction with which you have had to cope for years?

      The symptoms as you outline them are not new to medical science, there’s a lot of it about. They do have technical terms to describe your condition, nuts being one of the most popular.

      As luck would have it, and this should give you some encouragement, a new hospital is being opened in Stirlingshire, Scotland, where care is to be provided by robots that resemble fork lift trucks.

      I feel sure that a few consultations where you can discuss your issues with a FLT would benefit you greatly. If you don't like what you hear you can always disconnect the battery. Treatment in Scottish hospitals is free, so all your present carers need to pay would be your fare.

      In the meantime good luck and keep taking the medication.

      P.S. The quote you end with sounds familiar. Could it be that repeating this quote is one of the symptoms of your condition, or perhaps what brings it on? If it is then you are not alone and there are more than you that need locking up. The answer to this may hold the vital clue to a cure and a full recovery.


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        I dream of the day when a robot will do exactly what I tell it to do.

        Do they have female robots?

        If so, the dream has come true.

        I'm afraid our crofting friend is right. You need to seek help, and probably have already. There is no magic cure by changing country. Your demons are imagined and will be in any country you go to. Our crofterish friend says, 'keep taking the medication'. He's right, you know he's right. Go speak to someone you trust to lead you to someone who can help you.

        DON'T stop taking the medication because you think you're better. You think you're better because you're taking the meds. You are on them chronically for the rest of you life. Take them, there's a good fellow. Do yourself a favour.


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          ahem . . . I feel I must interrupt! There are NO polar bears in the South Pole! They live in the Northern Hemisphere, so that plan will not work! AND in defense of North America, we don't need any more sicko's here, no matter how hungry the polar bears may be!


          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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            I think The Bruce was intimating to our seriously unhinged friend that the South Pole would be his best resort as the Arctic Tundra (North Pole) is not to be recommended due to the unsociable reception he might encounter from the Polar Bears. Similar, I suspect, to Wullie’s experience on his trip to Edinburgh.

            In defence of North America, and any sickos who reach out for support and help, never let it be said that they have been turned away. Take heart from the words of the Lord our Saviour Jesus Christ who said; “Come unto me, all ye that labour, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.

            We might not be able to sort out your problem but the least we can do is give you alternative ones to worry about.



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              I was hoping he would stay in North America where he is relatively speaking happiest and not feel the desire to plunge into the murky waters of a Scottish loch. We have enough troubled souls in Scotland already and more CCTV to spy on him than anywhere else I can think of.

              Oh yes, there is no God... oh, why do I bother...


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                No no, he doesn't want to come to Scotland ! Too many cameras on street corners, in shops, malls, churches, parks - everywhere. Scotland's full of people spying on everyone too. It would be his nightmare. There are only two places in Scotland, safe havens, where CCTV cameras and spies don't exist - the residential resorts of Carstairs and Rosslynlee. So when he arrives, he could go there immediately from the airport. But make a reservation to stay there first, as he doesn't want to be unlucky and miss out. (Carstairs +44-1555 840293; Rosslynlee +44 131 536 7600). Otherwise, best staying in America until a place is available at those 2 Scottish havens.
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