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Happy holidays

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  • Happy holidays

    Hello all! Just wanted to wish you all very safe and excellent holidays! Hope all of your wishes this holiday season come true!
    "And since I have no gold to give,
    And love alone must make amends,
    My only prayer is, while I live -
    God make me worthy of my friends."
    - Sherman -

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    The Warmth of Christmas

    Soft in the dawn of winter falls the Christmas snow
    Caressing ever lightly as it blankets the earth below
    White crystal puffs growing as they mount
    Far to numerous for anyone to ever count
    Fluffy cloudlike morsels that cling to every bough
    Forming beauty that entreats our senses somehow
    And in the recesses of our minds we see them now and then
    When we remember Christmases past, now and again
    May this Christmas be one that endures in your mind
    As one that brought forth peace and joy of a kind
    So that when you reflect back upon it the memory will stay
    And you’ll know the warmth of Christmas on that snowy day

    Merry Christmas Chickadee and Morraine

    May the light in your eyes never flicker or fade.