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  • i'm an idiot...

    ok so...i made a thread...but i can't find it....the subject is...i believe...its "sheep herding in scotland" or somthng of that nature..please help me..thanks jason
    "if a woman walks by and i grab her ass and she punches me, she if fighting for her rights; but if a fag walks by and grabs my ass and i punch his lights out i'm a homophobe." the way of the gun.

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    I believe I saw that one in "Scotland Dot C*om*n inn". You have a few replies.

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      Hello, mike-d.

      I'm not sure where your missing thread can be. You may have to have several tries with the "search" facility in order to find it. (You'll find the "search" button amongsts others just above the message board screen.)

      Could it possibly be this one:

      Anyway, you may not have meant to, but you have posted this in the "Guest Book", which is really not the right place for it, not least because lots of people will not be looking here and will not see your question. Try the "Scotland Dot C*om*n inn" forum, and you might get a better response.

      Good luck!


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        Deleted because of your signature there, you were warned and it was deleted.