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Hello everyone-question about dating

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  • Hello everyone-question about dating

    Hello, I recently came to Scotland, I stay in Aberdeen alone. I don't know much about how you spend time here. I wonder for example where can I meet a girl, how to approach her and what to say. what can be acceptable for first time and what is not very good to do here? is it easy here to meet someone and have time together, have fun, clubbing etc?
    thank you in advance

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    Hi Ghost 50

    As you are alone in Aberdeen I am wondering if you are at Uni. there.

    Are you??

    We do have a couple of younger members here whp are from Aberdeen
    who may be able to help you, but as to wheen they will see this post
    I am not sure !!


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      no, i'm not a student. I'm 25, working for one of oil companies.


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        Hello Ghost. I am well past dating as I have been happily married for a good long time now but I don't think Aberdeen is any different from anywhere else. You may have more luck getting answers to your questions if you post in the Personals section; look a bit further down the list of discussion topics.

        Where are you from? Is the culture so very different from Aberdeen? Which company are you with? I am also involved in the oil industry (Schlumberger) and I live near Aberdeen, but I work in West Africa.


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          I'm turkish, it's my first visit to UK. So I would say that the difference in culture is big. For example I dont know what to do if I liked a girl on the street, what will be her reaction if i say something. does it depend on your approach or it will be definetly negative reaction? what is the best place to meet someone? also have a problem with age determination, especially when age is less that 20. it is difficult to say if she is 15, 17 or 19 Thanks for advise, i'll try personals.

          I know your company very well. I know one guy who works for Shlumberger as expat in Angola.


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            Well now you know two guys working for slb in Angola.

            I think talking to women on the street would very much depend on your approach, just as it would anywhere, but I am sure you would not receive a bad reaction if you are respectful and friendly.

            Age is a difficult thing to determine, especially in a different culture from your own. (I have great difficulty guessing the ages of many people in Africa.) It can be especially difficult with young girls wearing cosmetics. At least if you are in a nightclub or bar where alcohol is being consumed you can be reasonably sure the women are 18 or older. Unfortunately, many people drink under the legal age so it is not always a reliable guide.

            At this time of year many companies will be holding Christmas parties, and this might give you a good opportunity to socialise with people where you work and possibly make some new friends.


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              Hey, what about the flipside of that question?! How would a young lass go about capturing the eye of a Scots lad?

              A girl never quite knows when the info may come in handy...



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                Well, Ghost - I think that if you fancy a girl, you should express some interest in her. A girl likes to feel appreciated!! Just no stalking or anything!!!!


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                  Hi colleague!! I work for the other business segment of Schlumberger Ltd: SchlumbergerSema! So it's not the oil industry for me, but IT. Still, nice to meet a fellow slb:er at this discussion forum!


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                    Kauai Girl
                    I'm not scottish lad, but it doesn't matter much. I think the main thing is eye contact. If man see that someone looks at him from time to time and he likes her-that's the beginning. Of course women shall know how to do that-foxy, sexy, charming...etc, not just stairing at him-that's for sure

                    Morraine-I agree with you but it's something that's the same in all contries. I asked about details which are common for uk. for example- I drive on union street around midnight and see a girl on bus station/street.I stop and very polite and charming suggest a lift. what will be reaction? no? 50-50? "no" in the beginning and if you more assertive-"yes"?will i be understood right or she will suspect that i'm criminal or something? in my country for example in 95% you will get negative answer even if approach with flowers
                    and in night club/ber-do you just approach "i like you, let me introduce my self" or "can i get u a drink?" or you have to be more creative?


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                      Driving up to a girl on the street late at night will almost certainly produce a negative result (unless she is looking for business)! Think about it: would you accept a lift from a total stranger under those circumstances?

                      Bars and nightclubs are an entirely different thing. Most people are there to meet people and, even if they are not interested, at least expect to be approached and "hit on" once in a while. I have no idea which approach would work best, but I think letting people know you are from a strange and exotic land would be a good opener. It always worked well for me when I was single and on my travels.