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  • itīs good to know

    Hallo, Jim, Clint, crying-charlie and Doddy,
    Iīm glad for all your answers.I find it pleasant to be amidst friends of Scotland,equal if a native of Scotland or people from abroad.
    Now I shall go to "pen pals", perhaps I find there a pen-friend. Of course I invite you to do it,too. If you like write it down here or send me an email.
    Many greatings

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    Your welcom Scotfriend, you will make lots of new friends here, as we all have. Some of them came to Fife this year to visit me and my family. They came from Enland (Scottish), Irland,Edinburgh and WOW America!!!

    Some liked it so much, they are moving here! lolol Cool!

    Keep posting and I will speak again soon!


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      Iīve a history question

      Hi, crying charlie,
      please could you explain me with simple words, whatīs the difference and the maening between two scottish flags. These two Iīve bring with me from my holiday stays, but I donīt know the meaning. Thanks for your help.


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        The red lion rampant on a gold background is the coat of arms of the Scottish monarch. It is the Royal Standard of Scotland and should only be used by the monarch or his or her representitives.

        The white saltire cross on a blue background is the Saint Andrew's cross. St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and he met his end crucified on an X shaped cross. (He is supposed to have asked for this style of cross because he felt he was not worthy of being crucified on the same type of cross as Jesus Christ.) The St. Andrew's cross is the national flag of Scotland and represents the country and her people.

        If you think in terms of the United States, the president is represented by an eagle clutching 13 arrows but the country is represented by the Stars & Stripes. In Scotland the monarch is represented by the lion rampant but the country is represented by the saltire.


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          I could not of described it better myself!


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            Thank you for interesting information to Neil_Caple.