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    Scotland has always been a place of beauty to me. I have read about Scotland's history and have admired her people as they have stood and fought for the belief(s) of Scotland. I have never visited Scotland, but do hope to do so one day. I like Scottish women for their strength and beauty. Only Scotland could have women of such beauty and talent and self resourcefullness. May Scotland forever live and be in the hearts of those who love her for eternity.

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    Thanks for t compliment.

    I appreciate t scenery 2 - I've lived here all my life - and whenever I get out 2 t mountains I can't help feeling like t richest person in t world.

    Paws for thought



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      scotland the braw (or should that be brave)

      I'll second your comments wholeheartedly but don't forget our rich history, especially our inventors. Find out everything you can about us before your visit and you will not be disappointed.
      This land of ours is truly thought of as God's country as deservedly so even though there are others who would lay claim to the title.
      Keep the compliments coming and you'll have a nation of friends for life.
      Catch you later.


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        Scotland Admired Reply

        White Tiger;

        I appreciate your response. It is with sincerest and deepest feelings of honesty that I stated what I had put in print. I thank you for your response and look forward to others in the future.


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          I have always had an appreciation for all things Scottish, too and was able to realize a life long dream and visit 3 years ago. It is worth every cent you may spend to see the places, meet the people, eat the food even just to smell the air! If you have a chance, GO! If you don't have a chance, CREATE ONE! You will be very glad you did! I agree with jim m. learn all you can before you go and you will have a much better time. There is nothing like seeing, oh say, the Honors at Edinburgh Castle and knowing the history of them, enjoying all they mean to the history of the people and seeing, in person, what you have only read of... WOW! It's an awesome place. What more can I say, except there are some pretty awesome people living in Scotland, too!
          Welcome to!

          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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            Recently Returned

            I returned from my first trip to Scotland on Thursday of last week. What a beautiful Country, I'm so sad to be back in the States. I must say that I was more than impressed with Scotland and her people than I would have ever thought. Learning about her scars and battles for freedom where enthralling, I hope to return again soon.


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              Purrrr Purrrrr

              ~Jonscot - Im at Uni in final yr now so can't wander t boards as freely as I like (Or t scenery 4 that matter) but when I get free my paw prints are found here more often than not.

              Bye for now youll find me in here sooner or later

              Paws for thought

              White Tiger


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                The strength and beauty of the women of Scotland? What about the men!?? lol I also wish to visit Scotland some day. I have seen the most breath-taking pictures of the landscapes of Scotland, and I have met a few Scotsmen over the past several years and they have expressed attitudes of strength and kindness and upmost sincerity. My heart goes out to Scotland!


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                  This country has a fair amount o' fans.....

                  It's a funny thing, I always wondered why I was born in Scotland, not that I complained, but after i realised how much has happened in this country over the last 1000 years i'm fairly glad i was. Like:

                  The Romans failed to get past England when they invaded.

                  John Logie Baird and Alex Graham Bell are almost single-handedly responsible for the world as it stands today.

                  Not a bad standard to set, and a good role for oor wee ains!


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                    What can I say, you all know how I feel about my country but its a warm feeling, knowing just how many others feel the same.

                    Thanx, scotland is GOD'S COUNTRY, and her people, GOD'S PEOPLE!


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                      I think Scotland is absolutely stunning!!! (Especially the highlands) Started reading historical romances in late August (by Julie Garwood) and fell in love with Scotland. I plan on learning more of Scotland's history and more about William Wallace. I too hope to visit someday soon. Would love to have Scotland pen pals with suggestions on where to obtain historical information before my visit.

                      Have also really enjoyed, especially the discussion forum.

                      God Bless and Happy Weekend to everyone!!!



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                        You have come to a good place to begin your research! There are a great many informative threads here. Take some time to read through them and gain more knowledge.

                        I hope your dream of visiting Scotland comes true. It is so worth a trip. Scotland is a wonderful place and is full of some wonderful and interesting people!

                        Learn all you can so when you do go you will appreciate it all the more!

                        BTW welcome to!

                        Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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                          our history

                          welcome casscotmom
                          if you are into historic buildings ie castles etc the web site is a good start. i'm sure you'll get flooded with web addresses for other things as well. try the other boards such as clans for more info, there are dozens of people here to point you in the right direction. good luck and keep in touch.



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                            Scottish Bums!

                            I am visiting Edinburgh in December and just cannot (canna!) wait to see it now after all of these compliments.

                            The only sights I have seen of Scotland are the men's bums when the Scots come over to visit Dublin, Ireland to watch the rugby!


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                              Wrong Idea?!

                              I just read my post from yesterday about the Scottish Bums and I think some of you might get the wrong idea! Eeek!

                              Anyway, what I meant was that when the Scottish come over to Dublin to watch the rugby matches they usually wear their kilts and when they are in bunches of guys they usually show that the Scottish 'dont wear anything under the kilt' when they pass a bunch of girls!

                              However, enjoy your days everyone - it's Friday!