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  • Family Roots in Scotland

    I am excited knowing my father's family roots originated in Scotland! That was something I learned only after his death in August of this year. His family can be traced to Perthshire where the "McConnaughy's" were one of the oldest clans recorded on the census rolls. They were descendents from Abbott Duncan of Dunkeld. This is my first time to sign the guestbook and to share my heritage with others. I noticed one of the first ten guests was not happy with the scottsmen/women who left Scotland to move abroad while leaving their homeland to be controlled by the Brits. I am a citizen of the United States and proud to be a Scottish-American ancestor of the brave people(NOT COWARDS)who settled a new land as their home in hopes of preserving the freedoms and values for all people in a civilized society. The WTC attack in New York has brought many countries together to defend the world from terrorism and to relish the beliefs of christianity. It is my hope that,Mark-the bitter scottsman on the guestbook,will welcome all his fellow country men/women abroad in the same fashion as the United States does it's allies in time of need!!

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    After searching the 1881 census we are unable to trace anyone of the McConnaughy name, neither did we find it as a Clan or a sept of a clan'
    Looking in the IGI we found only one in the British Isles and that was Hugh McConnaughy born 1778 in Ireland, he married a Jane, surname unknown. Parents not named. North America holds others of that name and can be veiwed in the IGI records at



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      I beg to differ with you on our earliest descendents!!
      I am glad to hear of the McConnaughy's in Ireland who must of immigrated there in the 17th and 18th centuries.


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        I'm curious to know more about this abbot and all his descendants: the Roman Catholic church has generally frowned on its office bearers producing offspring (which is not to say it didn't or doesn't happen).


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          The surname McConnaughy is believed to be of Dalriadon origin.The Dalriadons were of Irish descent,specifically from King Colla,who was banished from Ireland in 327 A.D.alongwith 350 clan chiefs. Dalriadon King Fergus Mor MacEarca defeated the Picts in 498 A.D. Kenneth MacAlpine ,first King of Scotland was half Pict and half Dalriadon. McConnaughy's emerged as a Scottish clan in Perthshire. Descendents from Abbott Duncan of Dunkeld who married the King's daughter. Their son was father of King Duncan of Scotland who was killed by MacBeth. King Duncan's youngest son,Maelmore,became the Earl of Atholl who sired Conan of Glenerochie,first chief of the Robertson's. They first became the Clan Duncan or Connchaidh. Duncan the fifth chief supported Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn in 1314. There are many variations of the name McConnaughy. The surname was spelt Robertson,MacConachie,MacConaghy,MacConchie,MacConekey,MacConkey,MacDonnachie,MacDonachie,MacDunnach ie,MacInroy,MacLagan,Stark with spellings different even between father and son.