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  • Newcomer!!

    My friends at college are always laughing at me because of my extreme love for Scotland! Last night my roommate was looking for a cool background on our computer screen and decided to make Scottish wallpaper just for me. As she was looking for pictures of Scotland and men in kilts, she came across this website. When I came in the room she excitedly told me that I should sign up for Club Scotland. I agreed! So, now I am a new member!


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    hello lassie15 and welcome to I hope you stay around and look at the other forums and have fun posting in them. Where are you located? I am in Glasgow, and others on the board are from various bits of Scotland, with a lot from Canada and the USA.

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      Hi Lassie, how's it going? Welcome to the boards. I think its ENVY that your friends at college laugh at you because of your extreme love for Scotland!

      And Celyn, whats this others on the board are from various bits! lol I'm not from a various bit, I'm from The East Neuk of Fife! lolol


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        Okay Ronbo I will say Hi to you, don't take it personal that no-one greeted you to this site !!

        Hi also to you lassie.

        Both of you start posting and you will see that we really are
        a friendly bunch here !!


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          Ronbo! Sorry, hello and welcome! Does that cover it? I suppose Lassie15's post just happened to be new when I saw it. Ooops! You've got us feeling guilty now! I'm sure you can forgive us and stay, and post on the message boards so we can't ignore you!


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            I love Scotland!!

            Everyone here seems friendly! I was so excited when people were calling me lassie lol. I always tell my friends that I hope to someday marry a scotsman who will call me lassie! Isn't that romantic!!? I don't think that there are any Scotsmen on campus, but I hope to find one someday lol. But anyways, I hope everyone has a good day.......and hi to Rombo who was upset that others weren't saying hello to him! And hi to everyone else.