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longing to be in Scotland again...

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  • longing to be in Scotland again...

    Hi everyone...
    I am an air hostess in Pittsburgh,PA who just found out today that I will be layed-off indefinitely ..I am so, so sad. I had planned another trip to Scotland this month. This will mean I can't get there for a while now.
    I was in Scotland (Glasgow,Stirling,Inverness and Edinburgh) last March for the first time and the trip just confirmed what I had thought for most of my life...that Scotland was one of the most beautiful places on earth with the warmest, nicest people...I can't wait to just BE there again! My heart aches to go back! Alba gu Brath! And God Bless America!

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    Longing too....

    Hi Lynette,

    Just thought I'd say hello, I currently live in SLC. I've been longing to go to Scotland and also to Greece in the next year. I too have felt the ripple effect of our recent tragedy in the states. I am in the hospitality industry (hotels) and have been put on a kinda of "warning" of possible job changes. I am sorry to hear of that happening with your airline. Last week I flew Southwest Airlines to CA and thought it was so neat to hear the passengers cheer for the crew when we landed. I hope you won't be layed off for long.

    Best wishes,


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      Hi Kim,
      Ohhh, hope you can get to Scotland, and Greece as well.
      Have you been there before? It is so lovely, isn't it?
      Sorry to hear you might have job troubles over this too.
      It is so sad that people so far away who have tremendously perverted their religion have made such an impact on so, so many lives. Its all so senseless! I hope this is all solved soon and we can ALL get back to peace and harmony!
      Take care and God Bless!