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  • Hello everybody

    Now I want to tell you something about me
    i was born the 21st april 1984
    i come from germany and i´m living in the north
    the name of the city is Haselünne
    i go to school and my hobbies are go out with friends
    to play tennis and to go swimming
    i like to go to the cinema and go to partys, to hear music
    and to read books
    my greatest dream is to go scotland or to africa, where i would build my own farm
    but i love the landscape of scotland and when i´ll see it
    i´ll go crazy...
    last sunday i´ve seen a film about scotland and it was so beautiful so that i could watch it all the time
    i wish you a nice day and hope to hear something about you
    bye almut

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    He Almut,

    I thought that you were German

    I´m from Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg,

    enjoy the boards, have fun..

    Notice: Most of the people here are Americans but there are still enough Scots..