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a Gordon from New Zealand, looking for work

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  • a Gordon from New Zealand, looking for work

    Hi, greetings everyone. I've just joined up - what a great site. My name is Judy and I'm from New Zealand.

    My grandparents were Scottish and I'm coming to visit/work - soon!! My grandfather was a Gordon, born in Banff and my grandmother was a Smith from Stonehaven.

    Any info from relatives etc would be fantastic and any info on work in Aberdeen/Edinburgh/Glasgow would be a great help.

    I am a Senior Mac Operator/Graphic Artist with a huge interest in all things internet related (I've done a lot of html web design work as well and would love to get into that field). Lots of experience in the print industry and tourism industry.

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    hi Judy,

    i stay in newtonhill, a tiny wee village about 7 miles north of stonehaven. When are you planning on coming over?
    If you want, email me, [email protected]

    keep smilin'

    its a silly thing i've been wondering,
    shall we drink a toast to absent minded friends?
    to all those who turn the corner,
    and to those who went round the bend? >> naedoot


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      Hi Judy.

      I live and work in Aberdeen, so if there's any info I can help you with feel free to drop me a line on [email protected] or click the mail button below this post, though my addy appears to be playing up.

      Mata ne, Karasu.
      "People said we were evil but they missed the point again. It was just high spirits."