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  • Looking for someone, anyone know

    I was born in scotland and moved away to canada at 6 years old had a dear friend named Angus MacCleod. location was Glasgow. anyone have any info, most appreciated.

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    Hi nature

    Welcome to

    You would be better posting your request for help in the People's Search forum as more people will see it.


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      good thinking

      Thanks for your suggest babz, where are you from?


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        I am from England and both of my parents were born in Scotland.

        Where are you from??


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          Hi Babz,

          took awhile to get back eh. i was born in scotland as you know and have been living in Vancouver British Columbia for quite awhile. it is a nice city, as usual it does have parts that are nicer than others. i remember when i was in school back there we had to wear uniforms when i moved to canada you could where what every you wanted it sure was quite different. i lost my accent but both my parents still have theirs and my friends would come over and my parents would ask them a question and they would just nod yes or agree. they didn't have a clue what my parents were saying to them being canadian and all.
          guess you had to be there.

          say goodday


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            My parents still have their accents and have been in England
            since the early 50's. Mind you they do go back to Aberdeen a couple
            of times a year.

            My friends used to do the same when speaking to mum and dad.


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              babz eh


              In canada here it is our long weekend this weekend. weather is fantastic and ready for barbeques. hot,hot,hot,
              monday is our holiday.
              so what's it like in england, weather, people, things to do, work?

              gone for the weekend