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    Hi everyone,
    I am an Indonesian, male/28/Jakarta.
    I love Scotland. I am getting married soon. And I am interested in Scotland Culture, and hoping find some for preparing my wedding. Anyone could help me ?

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    Hello, kurniawan and welcome to I am not sure what it is you are looking for for your wedding though.


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      Traditional Wedding Gown and Suit (Tuxedo)

      I need some info(s) as mentioned above (subject). If anyone have some including the photos or pictures, please send me.


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        Welcome Kurniawan to

        You could try looking in:

        Some of these may have some information that might help you.

        I should think that others may have addresses that may be of help also.


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          Thanks a lot.
          I hope everything's gonna be OK.


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            Most Scots men get married in full Highland dress i.e. a kilt, waist-coat and Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket. A more informal look is the kilt and a ghillie shirt kind of brave-heart style. My husband wnt for the full outfit including plaid and changed into the ghillie shirt for the dancing.

            I will return with some web addreses that will show you the styles. I wish I could scan in some of my wedding pics as I had a celtic theme and my photos were taken in the hotel that was lovely complete with stags heads etc.


            P.S. are you getting married here?

   is a simple site that shows a few pics try searching for other Scottish Wedding photographers,kilt hire, Scottish wedding dresses etc.

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