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  • Old but New!

    This goes to all,

    Just glad to be a new member and am hoping to get real acqainted with everyone here.

    Live life as a open book.

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    Hiya old but new Temple and welcome to

    Just jump in to all forums and chat with us you will be made welcome.


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      Hi! Welcome and have fun. Hope ta see ya around the board.


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        hi temple

        what's happening where you live? how's the weather and culture in your community which is where?

        say goodday


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          Enjoy posting and donīt take everything too serious whatīs said in here...



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            I am new here, well actually been here reading for a while and I wondered what you meant there Anelli

            Does that mean I can't get a serious reply about my concerns regarding Scotland?

            I thought I could believe most everything I read here.

            Is it all fun and games?

            I just need to know



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              Hi! How are you?, fine!, very good;

              I hope you had read any bok intersting this month, so, iīd anythink that my friends told me:

              This is the result of an investigation:
              A flock of buffalos can only move so quick
              as the slowest buffalo he/she moves, and when the flock
              it is hunted, they are the slowest and weak buffalos that
              they are at the end of the flock those that die first.
              This is a good natural selection for the flock
              as an everything, since the general speed and the health
              of the group it improves for the regular death of their
              members but weak.
              In the same way, the human brain can operate so
              quick as their neuron but slow. The excessive consumption
              of alcohol, as all we know, it destroys those
              neurons, but naturally it attacks to the neurons but
              slow and weak in the first place. In this sense, the one
              consumption to regulate of beer eliminates the neurons but
              weak, constantly making of the brain one
              machine but quick and efficient. The result of this
              deep neurological study verifies and been worth the
              causal relationship among the weekend sprees and
              the yield of the consultants, mathematical,
              engineers, economists, lawyers, designers, etc.
              Also, he/she explains the why, few years after
              completed the university and contracted marriage, the
              the professionals' majority cannot maintain those
              levels of yield of those recently left ones of those
              universities. Only those few ones that persist in the one
              strict régime of voracious consumption alcoholic can
              to maintain the intellectual levels that they obtained
              during their years of university students. For
              everything it, this is a call to the weapons. While
              our country is losing its intellectual potential
              we cannot be left at home without making anything.
              !! let us go to the bars!! we Drink liters and liters! Your
              company and your country need you to be the maximum and you
              you should not refuse the career that you would rot
              to develop. You all that you can be.
              I do not know if this is certain; so, i wish you a good lucky and a great year;
              see you soon !!!!!!................................


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                  Suzy, there was some fighting going on because people felt offended by posts or there were misunderstandings and so what I meant was that you donīt have to take every post personally! Poeple have different opinions and not everything you think is offending is meant that way.
                  Do you know what I mean?

                  I think the reason why we are here is to have fun and talk to other people, not to fight about different opinions!

                  Perhaps I havenīt expressed myself clear enough in the earlier post..
                  I certainly donīt think that there are no serious people here!
                  I have met some very nice ones!



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                    Well said Anneli.

                    There was a bit of infighting as some people did not understand what
                    others were saying and they took that to heart, but hopefully that
                    has all been sorted out now.
                    Serious discussions can be found in and if there is not
                    one that interests you start one of your own.