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    Hello to all. Would like to know if there is a(voice)chat forum available at this site. The thought may be passe (boring) to natives but as a USAer, love to 'travel' and learn since I'm unable to do it physically/financially. Hope my ignorance is not showing.

    Thanks, Susy ('t mind folks saying hello,no sewage please)

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    Suz Hello, welcome and please don't be offended if I giggle at your unfortunate timing! You see, there was a chat forum at this site, but alas it was closed recently.

    Does it have to be voice chat? That is something I know nothing about, but others do, so someone can advise about voice chat soon.

    However, one good chat site is at

    but all msn chat sites are undergoing some maintenance and alteration at present so I doubt whether you can try it just yet! Try in a day or two, and lots of us from this message board will be very pleased to see you in chat there.