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    I am planning a trip to Scotland in the not too far future. I would like to meet with all my relatives, but I have only two weeks holiday. I know very few of my relatives, as my parents came to Canada in 1957, leaving all their family. My mother's maiden name is McShane, and my father's name is Tolland. If you are a relative, or know of someone who might be, please let me know. Also, I am still crazy about the Bay City Rollers, particularly Derek Longmuir. Any info on where I might be able to find him would be really great! Thanks, from Canada

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    Derek Longmuir

    Did you get the info on Derek Longmuir - last time I heard and that was a while ago he was living close to Dollar he had bought a house there.


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      Here is a page ye may enjoy...

      its a Yahoo group board for Derek Longmuir, ask all yer questions there.


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        Thank you all for being so supportive and helpful! Welcome to the boards, Elizabeth!