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Hello! From Green Lake, WI USA

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  • Hello! From Green Lake, WI USA

    Have been doing genealogy for many years and have traced the Burrells back to Northumbria. Once account states 400AD. My ancestor, John Burrell, of Berwick was allegedly exiled to America by James VI in the 1640s for border disruption. I haven't found that late of an exile, but still searching. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Hi BG and welcome


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      Thank you!


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        I have no personal links to any Burrells, but the Burrell Collection is well worth a visit if you ever get here


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          Burrell Museum

          Oh you bettcha! Some day, some day! I'm playing the lottery because there is a beautiful estate in Berwick for sale. Just 2 milliion U.S. Ya never know! I'm pretty sure my Burrell ancestor was on the side of the Scots, but then from what I read it all depended on which side was more beneficial to them! They were there before Scotland and England existed. My mother's side, the Coopers, are from Oxfordshire. Haven't even begun to dig into that side! Some days I ask myself, do I really need to know all this stuff?!!


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            Really good question BG - why the interest??


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              Sounds like, like many American's, your ancestors were colorful! LOL Welcome, and good searching!

              Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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                Why the search?

                LOL! I was thinking about this and I think it's because Americans are just wandering around someone else's land wondering who the hell we are?! We have no roots here, all our our people come from over the sea. We have no connection to our neighbors. We're just a melting pot of mutt's! I remember visiting Germany many years ago and realized that most of these people are all connected from generations and generations and they have a pride in their country. In America I don't think these "proud Americans" really know what they're proud of! So, I wonder about where did I come from? When I found out my ancestor was exiled here I felt sad for him and perhaps something of him lives in me because I do not feel at home here! So, some days I say "Who the hell cares?!" and some days I say "Who am I?!!"