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  • North Carolina Greetings

    Hey all!

    Look forward to the interaction here! I am part Scottish (mostly English and Colombian, oh well) and love Scottish culture and interests.

    My Scottish (or possibly) Scottish families are Curry & Morrison.


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    Tait is a Name with Scots andEnglish origins. Currie (IME, the more common spelling in Scotland, Although I know some Northern Irish CurrYs), it's also a suburb of our capital, Edinburgh.


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      ...and a delicious dish of south Asian origin...



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        Hi there John, I'm a Morrison as well, but from Ireland. Welcome!

        Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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          Welcome from me too down under in NZ.

          I had a Currie and a Morrison as teachers, and a good friend who was a Tate. So lots of Scottish connections with those names.


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            hi and welcome

            i bought a curry out of morrisons once, does that count lol


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              I didn't know Morrison's sold curry, guess I need to check them out!

              My dad took his stepfather's name (Tate), he was originally a Rackley which is very English.


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                Originally posted by Polwarth View Post
                it's also a suburb of our capital, Edinburgh.
                There used to be a wee joke back in the 60's/70's about why have Edinburgh Corporation Transport taken the Indian conductors off their Edinburgh to Balerno route ? Because they were eating all the Currie tickets !


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                  Thankfully the joke stayed in the 70s!


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                    Aye - they were dark, lonely nights huddled in front of the Calor Gas heater during the power strikes, with only a crappy joke for company !


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                      I guess you city folks had it a lot harder than us country bumpkins during the power cuts.

                      We had a log fire, a paraffin lamp which gave enough light to rival the blackpool illuminations, a camping cooker, and we rigged up our little portable black and white TV to run off a car battery.

                      Sounds cosy, but we could not sit too close to the fire as in those days our two seater sofa was a blow up one from Dens Road market and our TV table was an upturned cardboard box.