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Hi from Canada :)

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  • Hi from Canada :)

    What a great forum! I can nearly taste the culture already! (anyone for a pint?)

    I hope to get in touch with my family roots, back to my Thompson(father) and Grant(mother) heritage! I plan to visit Scotland with my mother this Spring/Summer/Fall? (you tell me, which is best?)

    I am looking for tips on where to go for the real thing - not a tourist trap experience! Perhaps I can even get to know the inside scoop from those who live in the area.

    My ideal trip would include a four to six week stint in a humble flat, near a good pub, a good cafe, a good market, and in an area with paths to walk to, and places to sit and just be.

    Sure, I should see the castles, and the ocean is always a pleasure to splash around in, but I want as much to see the people, and the culture, not sure the scenery!

    I like to walk/hike, ride horses, swim (glacier-fed waterfalls are the best ), cliff-dive, explore, and touch a piece of history. I like to take in each new adventure and really live it, not just hide behind a camera (or a cellphone) taking pictures ...

    I am very familiar with the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada, I live in the open and beautiful plains of Alberta, and have traveled several times to the US and to Mexico. I have travelled by train, plane, car, and ship.

    Anyone interested in house swapping for the Summer? You can see dinosaurs (granted, they have been dead a while now), desert, Rocky Mountains, glaciers, pine woods, wheat fields, and rodeos ... all in an hour or two of driving!

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    Hi there peanut! Welcome. Just so you know, this is an American owned site, not everyone is from Scotland or even the UK, but we tend to be pretty friendly!

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      Thanks for the response!

      I see the members here are a mixture, but figured that this was an American-based site (being .com, not .uk)

      This looks like a great place to start for some advice, from both side of the Big Blue!


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        Welcome! A pint sounds good right now . . .


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          Yes, a good beer has amazing, magical powers! If you are too damn hot, it cools you down ... or today, for example, when it is a balmy -35 degrees Celsius outside, I like to pour myself a tall pint of "liquid courage" before stumbling out to the yard to shovel my way to the car....

          A pint would be a lovely thing! Who is with me???