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Kia ora from a Scot in NZ

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  • Kia ora from a Scot in NZ

    Hi folks

    Just doing the polite thing by introducing myself before posting on your forum.

    I'm a mature scot who moved to NZ 7 years ago thinking the grass might be greener. Now moving on, no idea where yet, but planning to head back to Scotland to retire.....eventually. I need one last adventure first

    Looking forward to being a small part of your forum.


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    Hi there lostinnz! I imagine there are worse places to be lost! LOL

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      Hi DB and welcome!

      Where in Scotland are you from?


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        Thanks for the welcome kathyv

        MikeyBoab, Lived and worked in various regions but mostly Perth, Dundee and Fife area. Some links with Glasgow but only through relatives. Love the city though. When I eventually return I hope to retire near the west coast...... providing I can suffer the midges.


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          That's the one thing I don't miss about home!! In all seriousness - Avon skin-so-soft spray is the best repellant I've ever known and no, that is not a wind up!


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            Will keep that in mind. Was reminiscing yesterday whilst sorting out the stuff I will be taking with me when I leave.

            Found my old green cap with the bit of netting that folds down over the face. I used to wear it to prevent breathing in clouds of midges as I walked the dogs around the loch at Kinross. Not many midges in NZ, just loads of irritating mozzies and sand flies. Wasps huge, but never been stung yet, but stung by a poisonous spider on my first christmas day here. I think I'd rather have the midges.


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              Capri-Sun from a Scot in Oman !


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                Hi Lachlan09 Looked at working in Oman but with my profession there were too many barriers, especially gender barriers. And a 48hour working week?

                Unsure what your greeting means. I thought capri-sun was a juice drink.


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                  Originally posted by lostinnz View Post
                  I thought capri-sun was a juice drink.
                  As is Kia-Ora! Kia-Ora - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                  Ribena, from Liverpool


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                    Completely missed that one. LOL

                    I applaud you both for your quick scottish wit. Oh how I miss it.

                    The brain really does becomes dull out here due to lack of stimulation. It's not called the Land of the Long White Shroud for nothing.