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G'day! (We don't really say that...)

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  • G'day! (We don't really say that...)

    Hi All!

    My name is Karinda, Im a 25yo from the stunning city of Melbourne, Australia.

    Though I am sure there are people who actually say G'day in earnest, I sadly, am not one. I must suffer instead through the painfully ordinary, Hi.

    I am planning on moving the Scotland within the year and am always looking for new people to meet. Wouldn't it be nice to know someone (other than vast abundance of relatives) before landing? I think so. Plus, I would love to shatter the culture shock before arriving. Just as I don't drink Fosters, wear thongs in all seasons and ride a Kangaroo to work, I'm sure the majority of you are not kilt-wearing, half-naked, beastly warriors.... until your'e at the pub.

    Fire me a message and lets get to know one another!

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    Got to say I have heard LOTS of Australians greet me with that word when I visit. Maybe it's just more prevalent in NSW and ACT?

    I have visited Melbourne a number of times. My niece and her husband have a house in St Kilda.

    Where do you hope to live when you get here?


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      For my career I should probably move to Edinburgh, or maybe Glasgow... But there is just something about Kyle that gets me.
      My family is also from Shetland, but I don't think I'm quite ready for that climate shock yet. Melbourne can be cold and windy, but I am so not prepared!


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        Hi there and good day from Oregon USA! Welcome!

        Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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          Hi Karinda and welcome


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            my fave oz word it "tinny" for obvious reasons haha

            ill av 12 tinnys mate.....rippa


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              I must be an anomaly. Possibly the least Aussie person.
              Thanks for the warm welcome guys!


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                Originally posted by tig View Post
                ill av 12 tinnys mate.....rippa
                Better get down to the bottle shop!