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Greetings from Turin, Italy

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    Great! I have a question, Where I can take information for come in to Scotland, or UK?

    Because in the italian websites there are more answer, but all different .


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      As an EU national you have the right to work/live here.

      All info re visas/terms of entry/other useful info can be found on the Home Office site. UK Border Agency | Guide to visa processing times


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        Thank you Polwarth, I saw now the link.

        I checked if I need an UK Visa, and the result say no: "You won’t need a visa to come to the UK". So I think it's for all (job and life there).

        How can I move in the first time? Is it better search a flat here with internet, or when I'm yet in Scoltand? Is it the same for a job?

        A last question, where can I see how much is about the cost for the bills?


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          I already said you didn't need a visa as you are an EU national, but the Home Office site has a lot of relevant info for foreigners intending to settle.

          Bills andcosts are a moveable feast, depending on area and size of housing.
          Google is your friend.


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            Sorry, I don't understand "feast" .


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              'Moveable feast' a colloquiallism meany 'it all depends' or 'varies'.

              Have a look on the Moving forum (further down the list of fora). Lots of questions will have been asked and you may get a flavour of the housing/jobs market.

              This site is not Scots, it's American and there are only a very few of us who are actually Scots!


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                Ops, I will see it .