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Greetings from Turin, Italy

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  • Greetings from Turin, Italy

    Hello everyone, I'm from Turin now, but I'm born in Sardinia.

    I'm here because I recently made a decision, to give up on my studies here in Italy and to move me to the North Europe for a new life.

    I was thinking about Scotland, because there are no universtity tuition fees. So, I will travel in Scotland in October (about) of this year, for looking a job and for a flat.

    I haven't a good english, so I'm sorry for it. I'm studying now for the IELTS before start my dream.

    Have a nice day, Gian .

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    Hi and welcome

    remember that although the actual university courses are free (youl need to check if your eligible first) youl still need lots of money to live here so youd need to have a fairly decent job......if your looking for bar or cafe work then youl struggle to survive.

    example.... 20 hours bar work = 140 a week or 560 a month.
    a single room in a shared flat will cost you at least 350/400 a month so not leaving much for bills/food/course materials etc

    the cost of living here is very expensive compared to Italy

    most students still amass massive debts while at uni


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      Hi Tig, thank you for the answer.

      I prefer to look an job in the IT, I'm already an IT developer, I have worked yet here, but I haven't problem to any job initially. Here in Turin for flat I pay from 400 to 500 (depends for the bills) a month (I live alone), about 330/410 . I'm thinking to come there with a friend, so it's more easy for me.

      All my costs here are about 700 -> 580 , but the salary is more less.

      How city I'm thinking to Glasgow, or in near there.

      I will come there especially for a job, for a new type of life, in the second plan for a degree (but isn't the first choice to the travel).


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        Hi there lupo and welcome! Hope you have success in your dream!

        Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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          Thank you Kathyv, I hope it .


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            well if theres two of you and your both working, it does help pay the bills lol

            theres plenty of IT jobs out there i think.


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              Sorry, I don't understand, "out there" in Glasgow or in Italy?


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                in Glasgow i meant

                Software Developer Jobs, vacancies in Glasgow |


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                  Hi and welcome!


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                    Thanks MikeyBoab .

                    Tig, I'm seeing the link, there are more job in that sector, and the average pay is about 30,000 a year, it is very good, I was thinking less.


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                      Welcome and good luck in the new adventure!


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                        Thanks Shell .


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                          We had a guy from Italy working at our office a few years ago, he was hilarious, he moved up to Aberdeen, got a job in the Oil & Gas industry..


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                            Wow, Can I have the nickname? So I can ask a questions for know the difference from here to Scotland .


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                              I'm not in touch with Patrick anymore, if I do find out, I'll post it up here.