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  • Hello Everyone!


    I am from the, very rural, US - Midwest. It has always been my dream to spend a couple of weeks, or more, in Scotland. The closest I have been was Ireland, but someone else was directing that trip. I was only along for the journey. My hope is that through this site I may find a few friends/pen pals and learn more about where to go and what to see, along with my other web research.

    In addition, my Godson is in his first year of undergraduate studies. He is really more like my own son and I told him that once he was done with undergrad, or within the next five years, he and I would visit Scotland together. He is such a great kid, will be 19 this month, and it would be a grand adventure for both of us. Other than being thrilled, the only thing he said was he knew it would be a better trip that the one to Berlin with Grandma, last year. It's a sore subject, we don't talk about it. ;-)

    Anyway, there you have it. I will also post in the pen pals section, as well as take a look around the other sections. Thank you for your attention and any information that may be provided.

    Take Care,

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    hello J welcome to the forum, any help and advice just ask, also check out my photos on Facebook and youtube channel for places worth visiting, I travel around all over the highlands and islands.


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      Thank you, Tantalloon. Unless I am doing something wrong, I was unable to find your FB or YouTube page. If you would be so kind, could you link them to me? Please send them in a private message, unless you don't mind the whole internet to have them.


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        Hi J ad welcome!


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          Thank you.


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            Hi there J and welcome to the site!

            Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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              Thank you, I appreciate the welcome.