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Greetings from Kentucky, USA

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  • Greetings from Kentucky, USA

    Hey, everyone!

    I'm thrilled to have discovered this fantastic website and community. You all seem so welcoming and nice.

    I'm a writer and am currently working on two novels right now. One is demanding a bit more urgency, which has forced me to push the other to the side . . . for now.

    Anyway, it works out perfectly because I need to do quite a bit of research for that particular novel. Scottish culture (modern day) and dialect/slang, etc. are among some of that necessary research. So, in short, that's why I'm here. I wish I could simply live there and do my research that way (it sure would be even more enjoyable and exciting), but I hope to achieve enough understanding communicating with a few of you on here.

    Thanks for having me. I look forward to getting to know some of you.

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    hi and welcome

    there are loads of dialects and a variety of slang words used in scotland.

    did you have a particular area in mind?


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      Hi Jen and welcome


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        Hi Mikey. Thank you.


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          Hi Tig,

          Thank you so much for the reply and welcome.
          The character will be from Glasgow, but living in Utah, US. I found a wonderful website that helps with dialect, but I'd love to learn common phrases, references, common foods, traditions, and even how interactions typically are between complete strangers. Anything would help, really, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to reply.

          Also, If there's ever anything I may be able to help with, ask away.


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            Why did you want your character to be from Glasgow?


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              Hi Mikey

              It actually took me some time as I was writing his character profile to figure out where exactly I wanted him to be from. I knew I wanted him to be from outside of the U.S., as his role in the story will be a mercenary working for a small, but vastly spread out group (across many developed countries). The main objective of this group, or militia if that's more appropriate, is to dismantle a corrupt and secretive government that has yet to reveal its face to the world. My second reason is that I wanted to challenge myself as a writer, and choosing Scotland presents a special opportunity to push myself into very unfamiliar territory. I've chosen Glasgow for no specific reason other than needing to narrow it down further. Maybe not the best answer, but it's all I have. Haha.


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                couple of links here you might find useful Jen

                Glasgow(weegie) slang The Weegie Words: you help us list 100 words that prove you come from Glasgow | Evening Times

                and some general scots The similarity between Scottish and Scandinavian words


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                  Fantastic! Delighted you thought of us!! If there is any help you need, please ask.


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                    Hi there JenD and welcome!

                    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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                      If the character is military, he will probably have a certain manner of speech and less emphasis on slang as he has to be understood at all times by his comrades.

                      May sound silly but the character "Chibs" in Sons Of Anarchy is a good example of this, he has a broad Glaswegian accent but has a very "no-nonsense" military style manner of speaking, easily understood by his American club mates.

                      Throw in the odd "wee" for small or "aye" for yes but in general I would keep slang dialect to a minimum.


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                        HI Jen D

                        Hi Jen

                        I'm Scottish, living and breathing in Scotland -I live on outskirts of St Andrews.

                        I was reading you thread and then started to laugh when you said that your character was a "Weegie" Glaswegian - the Weegies are charters alright

                        Here are some slang words from Glasgow
                        Braw - Great, brilliant
                        Stoater - Either fantastic (she's a wee stoater so she is), or to stagger (he
                        stoatered up the road)
                        Ya beauty! Exclamation of glee or happiness, eg. when your team
                        scores a goal (you can also use "ya dancer!")
                        Peely Wally - Pale, sickly, average skin tone of Glaswegians (he looks affy
                        peely wally)
                        Mawkit - Dirty
                        Crabbit - Bad-tempered, in a bad mood (check oot the crabbit face)
                        Greetin-faced - To look miserable, disgruntled (also torn face can be used)
                        Scunnered - Annoyed, weighed down (ah'm pure scunnered so ah um)
                        Wheesht! - Shut up, be quiet (haud yer wheesht pal!)
                        Byraway - By the way, normally added at end of sentences where point
                        being made (haw that's ma parkin space byraway)
                        Awayyego -Away you go, used when you don't believe something
                        (awayyego, that's never your parkin space byraway!)
                        Lose the rag -Lose my temper (ah'm beginnin tae lose the rag wi you)
                        Jings Crivvens help ma boab! - Exclamation of distress (Jesus Christ, help
                        me God!)
                        Ah huvnae a scooby - I really don't know (scooby being short for Scooby Doo, rhyming slang for clue - I don't have a clue)
                        Ya Bampot - You idiot!
                        It's baltic in here - It's very cold in here
                        Toaty Small, - wee, tiny
                        Yer arse is oot ra windaw - Your bum is out of the window, ie. you have no chance of succeeding

                        Enjoy and ask if you require anything


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                          Havering - talkling nonesense!
                          Yer Maw!!!!!


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                            Mind, a lot of those 'Weegie-isms' can be from many places in Scotland, anaw!


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                              Totally agree

                              You'll never here a weegie "saying fanny balls you pure dead getin

                              Although I do believe the "ned" in the shell suit was an original weegie.

                              However like you Iam here to make friends across the pond and help to assist them in all things Scottish true or false. But the more I read the more I want to go to Texas

                              Stay safe everybody and talk soon