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BOWES family of Scotland then Ireland

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  • BOWES family of Scotland then Ireland

    Hi am so glad to join. I am interested in crests or whatever they are correctly called. My Bowes ancestors originated in Scotland (not sure where) and went to Ireland in the Plantation era (1600's). My relative who emmigrated from Ireland to the US brought an etched metal object that was used to put a stamp on things, I think. Although we are Bowes it looks a lot like the Lyon crest with the motto In Te Dominae Spiravi at the bottom and a four square center portion with triple archers bows upper right and bottom left and lions upper left and bottom right), on top is a man holding leaves and more leaves to the sides of the figure, I have sent it to the Heraldry Society with questions. I will try to post a picture here for you.

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    The late Queen Mother was a Bowes-Lyon before her marriage.

    The B-L family seat is Glamis Castle.

    Of course, only research will show whether you are related in some way to that line


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      Hi there and welcome to the site! Sounds like you are doing your homework! good luck on your family history search.

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