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  • Hey There!

    Just wanted to stop in and say hi to all, so "HI!"

    A little bit about myself.

    I'm from Wyoming (the very square state in the mid-west on US Maps, but honestly it is very beautiful and I love it!). I'm 24, single and have two degrees, one in Criminal Justice and the other in Psychology (gotta love that combination). I enjoy writing and reading, though I must say that I enjoy writing most of all. I have traveled most of the United States and though beautiful in parts, I can't wait to see those far off shores. Especially those big, old, haunting Castles. They are beautiful in pictures, but I bet they are awe inspiring up close and personal.

    My mum and I are planning a trip to Scotland in the Summer of 2009 which will be our first "out of country stop." We're both giddy with excitement... Any way, I guess that's enough for now. See ya later!

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    Hi there giddy I mean Lilyrose! Welcome! Where in Wyoming are you? Been through there a few times! The hubby's great grandparents lived there long ago in fact.

    Hope you enjoy the site, make sure you check into the Travel forum for travel advice and sights to see.

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      Hey Kathyv,

      I'm in the North Eastern part of the state, close to the Black Hills- simply beautiful!!! Which part of the state have you passed through?

      Thank you...I will look at the Travel Forum.

      Giddy, signing out!


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        I've actually been through there on the interstate heading to Iowa and back. We usually go through Lolo pass, into Montana, through Rapid City and on across the grasslands to the southbound freeway going to Omaha.

        It is beautiful. We went through the Crazy Horse stuff, very interesting, almost better than the Rushmore tourist stuff, it was fun to watch them working on the mountain.

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          Yes, they might get done with Crazy Horse by the time my grandchildren have grandchildren. They don't get a lot done, because it's a private endeavor, but they've done really well. They've actually gotten some of the hair done on the horse now, which is great.

          Devil's Tower is a nice place to stop too, especially if you like to hike or watch people climb it. You can walk around the base of the Tower, either the short route or the long one and almost every time you go there, there's someone climbing it.

          Also, Yellowstone National Park is very nice to go through. It's on the other side of the state, but I image you're pretty close to it when you travel this way.

          Near Casper, Wyoming there is Indepencence Rock, which is kind of interesting to see, slightly boring, but still historical.

          Custer State Park (South Dakota) has some pretty nice sights and lots of Buffalo!!!

          Sturgis, South Dakota is just right around the corner and during Sturgis week watch out-- Biker's everywhere. Definitly a lot of fun that time of year.


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            Yep, been to all except Devil's Tower, that may be next. We were going through once when the cycle bit was happening in Sturgis, MAN there were a lot of choppers on the road! We went through town just to gawk, then headed on East!

            Enjoyed the hike around the Little Big Horn Battlefield, too, pretty amazing how much there is to take in at that place.

            Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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              trip to scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              oh wow a trip to scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how exciting is that, I am a barfooted arky(ha) love genealogy, just started doing research on my Rayburns from Scotland, and someday, lord willing I will be able to make that trip, actually we do ware shoes(sometimes) in arkansas. (ha) I am 67 years old retired and bored, retirement is highly over rated!!!!!!!!!!!! love to hear from a Rayburn in Scotland, alma mary artis tradewell


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                Hi and welcome


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                  Re Rayburn
                  If you want to try to make contact or learn more about your Scottish name, then try posting in the Clans or the Genealogy forum - it will get more attention there!

                  The more common spelling in Scotland is Raeburn. One famous Raeburn was a Scottish artist, Sir Henry Raeburn, who was a famed portraitist. Some of his paintings are exhibited in New York and probably in other US museums and galleries.