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Hello from Oregon!

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  • Hello from Oregon!

    Hi all-

    I came across this site while doing a bit of family name reasearch. I am looking forward to learning more about Scottish culture.

    I don't know what else to say, so I guess I'll see you all in the forums!

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    Hi Catherine and welcome


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      Hello fellow Oregonian

      Dear CatherineB:

      I just joined myself. I live in Portland, but plan to move to Scotland some day - most likely to St. Andrews ... no, I don't play golf, but the town oozes history and charm, and it is so close to Edinburgh, Stirling, Perth, and The Highlands. I enjoy the Scots, their culture, and their history. I write Celtic music (as an avocation) and I have even been able to play a few of my compositions while I was there. Anyway, I think this community will be fun and informative. Have fun yourself!


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        Hi there Catherine, welcome! Where in Oregon are you? It's a nice place (or an ice place around here tonight! Lots of snow)!!!!!!!!!!

        Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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          Hi Catherine

          Welcome to the forum. I like th eidea of moving across the Atlantic to St Andrews, I wouldn't mind moving across a couple of counties to live there, I love the coast. Handy for family days out though