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  • Looking for a "Hostfamily"

    Hi, my name is Stefanie and I am 23 years old and from Germany.

    I dont know if I am right here but I hope I can find a Hostfamily or someone who can help me to find one.

    I would like to go to Scotland (Great Britain) in the beginning of the next year. I hope I can find a Hostfamily where I can stay 1 or 2 month.

    My plans/wishes are to help that Family with the household, maybe elderly people or with the childcare. I have experiences with children and elderly people. And I hope I get for my work a little room, food and a little pocket money. That would be great.

    My english is not bad but the main reasons for my plan is that I can improve my english in an hopefully nice Family and I really want to see your beautiful country and the way of life there. I am a nice, fun loving and easy going person and maybe when you read this, you are interested. Please feel free to answer or write me so we can get in contact and talk about everything or maybe you know a Family or person who would like to welcome me in their home? Or you know a side where I can find such families?

    I dont want to do this little adventure or journey with an Agency, because its really expensive. And so I hope I find a Family or person private.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks so much!

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    I have moved your post here so that you can be welcomed by other members and maybe one of them
    can help you.
    I will say that we do not have too many people actually in Scotland but the one's that are here will
    try and be helpful !!

    I suggest that you copy and paste your thread in 'Moving' so as to get more coverage !!

    Oh I forgot to say hi and welcome to !!