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  • Hello from Paris !

    Hello everybody !

    My name is Olivier and I live near Paris. I currently study in an engineering school about electronics and, in addition to the technical skills, my school tries to give us a cultural and linguistic background. In this context, we are invited this year to learn more about the way in which people communicate (in the broad sense, it includes the behavior with other people). So we have to choose a specific country or culture and find several "representatives" to discuss with them about their communication habits such as the gesture used when speaking, the behavior in public (use of cell phone, the importance of hierarchy at work,...), the private behavior (delay,...) and all about speaking (blanks, interruptions, accent, taboos,...
    With my group, we chose Scottish culture because some members of my group and have already some contacts with Scot. But in order to have more imformation to be more exhaustive, we need more contact. And that's why I'm here . In fact, because of your origins and the number of people there is in this forum, your help would be very precious for us. My teammate and I have prepared a questionnaire that I wish to submit to you.
    Would you agree to answer it ? If so, is it the right part of the forum to post it ? In fact, you are not obliged to answer all the question, any help is welcome.
    Thanks for reading.
    Have a good WE.

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    Bonjour Olivier J, welcome!

    You might wish to post your request in the open forum, scotland dot c*m* on Inn, that forum gets more visits from actual Scots than this new members forum. I think you will find many here that are helpful.

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      "Merci" for the advice. I'll try to post my message there.