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  • Hellow! ^^

    Hie here!
    I'm Eidole ( Neid' for the close friends!) I am french (please, don't throw me of stones xD) and I here come to ennoy you with my small english of a french girl.
    By pity, all the faults which you see, please correct them! 'cause it is not with my " super brillant" english teacher that i am going to progress ...
    More about me : I am in bts international trade. It is a two year post high school diploma. If I remember indeed the high school diploma is equivalent to your level A.
    I am 18 and I live in Brive La Gaillarde (Brive the Strapping in english) in Corrèze, a magnificent region in the southwest of France. I ride on horseback for approximately 14 years and I have a real passion for Scotland, where I regrettably never went...But for May I have a training of three months to realize in a foreign country and I well plan to find it in Scotland!
    Here I hope to find correspondents.
    See you soon scots! ^^

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    Hi there and welcome to

    Sorry I did not reply earlier but I have been ill and not online for the last week but am now
    getting better !!

    As you have a regret for not being able to get over to Scotland I am sure that in the not so
    distant future you will do so !!

    You are only young so don't worry if you haven't got here yet...Scotland is not going anywhere

    What type of training are you going to be doing ??

    I am going to delete your other post for you as it is the same as this one !!