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Wanting to expand into Scotland

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  • Wanting to expand into Scotland

    I was born in Scotland, now living in Canada. I expanded my business into Scotland in 1998-1999. I am now on the second phase of expansion.

    I am really looking to develop a long term friendships, and business relationships with someone very keen from Scotland. There is a huge potential for the right person, to add another stream of income to what they are currently doing.

    Looking foward to hearing from you!


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    Hi MhairiH and welcome to

    Where abouts in Scotland were you from and what made you Emigrate ??

    Yes I know I am nosey...lololol

    I am not interested in any business's I like my life of leisure...hehe

    We don't have a section for advertising business's as we are not that type of site , but you never know
    if you can post a little more about it in Scotland Dot C*m*on Inn someone may reply to you !!


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      Falkirk Bairn

      Hi Babz

      Thanks for the warm welcome and the advice!

      I was born in Falkirk. My family moved us to Canada, so I really didn't have a choice! lol....

      Anyhow, most of my family still resides there.

      I am looking forward to using this site now, after signing up years ago! lol

      It was nice to meet you, and I will for sure check out the other forum you mentioned!