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  • Hi, I'm new!

    I live in California, but I lived in Kilmacolm from 1977-79. I have never forgotten Scotland. Best two years of my life. I would love to see some new pictures of Kilmacolm and hear how life has changed or stayed the same. I'd like to make some new friends here also.

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    Hi Debbie,

    How are you?

    I'm holly... i'm an artist in Ohio.

    What were you doing in Scotland?


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      Hi Holly,
      Nice to meet you. I was in Scotland because my ex-husband was in the Navy and we were doing an overseas tour of duty. Have you been there? I would really like to go back some day. Kilmacolm was a sleepy little village when I lived there. We had two blocks of shops and milk was delivered to our door in pint bottles with silver foil caps. The heavy cream was floating on the top of the milk. We had the nicest neighbors there and my two children went to playschool in the village.


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        Hi Debbie:

        Welcome, you're not too far from me as I'm in Utah. Where exactly is Kilmacolm? Have you been back to Scotland since?



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          Hi Teena,
          No I haven't been back since 1979. Kilmacolm is in Renfrewshire. Between Greenock, Gourock, and Paisley, and Glasgow. Sometimes I have such a longing to be there and at the same time I know it must have changed and it's stuck in my memory of how good it was. I would be so disappointed if I went back and found it changed. It was the time of being able to leave your baby in the pram outside the store with your dog and no one would think of hurting your child. I'm sure that has changed. I just loved Scotland. Have you been there?


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            Originally posted by Debbie53
            ................ It was the time of being able to leave your baby in the pram outside the store with your dog and no one would think of hurting your child. I'm sure that has changed................

            Hahaha, Debbie, - that reminds me of a story from my mother. Apparently when I was a very young and new-ish baby, Mum went to the local shops, (only just across a little garden square from home), left me outside shop in my pram, fetched what was needed, then went home happily appreciating the good sunny weather and planning dinner and so on. Until she realised that SOMETHING was missing. “OH! What have I forgotten?”, thinks the CelynMum.

            Of course, the only thing she had forgotten was ME! Her beautiful adorable, absolutely wonderful in all ways, world-class genius, future Ruler of the World, shining example of modesty ........... etc ................ tiny-wee-baby-Celyn. Of course, she just trotted back to the shops, albeit in a rather speedy and worried manner, and of course, the baby Celyn was perfectly safe and happy and unworried and probably snoozing.

            You are right that people do not seem to leave their prams outside shops any longer. I think that is partly connected with the ongoing demise of the local, small, and therefore unsuitable for prams, shop, in favour of the larger supermarket things, but of course it is partly caused by anxiety about what might happen.

            Now, there are studies that do show that the actual rate of attacks etc, upon children has NOT increased since the 1950 or 1960s or 1970s or whichever date the study in question happens to be looking at, but there is a fact that people's perception of likely risk has altered. Fine, there are times when one cannot be too safe, but sometimes I read about children being driven to school, when they could perfectly well walk that distance, safely, in the company of their friends, and I wonder just how and when those children are going to learn, you know, bits of independence, just in the right small steps, that they do need in order to grow.

            Oh well, I am rambling off topic a little, I suppose. And this forum is really only for new members who might feel shy to introduce themselves in a special “Hello” forum, and for others to say “welcome”, so I suppose a ramble about the relative safety of children is in the wrong place. Sorry!

            I might hazard a guess that your husband's “tour of duty” involved playing with the big Polaris toys. But perhaps it did not.. And, anyway, I am glad that you enjoyed your time here.

            Welcome, anyway, and do have fun exploring the boards.


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              Hi Celyn,
              Nice to meet you and what a beautiful name. The only big supermarket we had was in Greenock or Gourock. It was a Tesco if I recall right. My ex was stationed on the USS Holland in Dunoon. We lived in Kilmacolm because we wanted to "live on the economy" and really get to know the Scots. I can tell you some stories and I will but I'll have a look around to see which thread they should go to.
              Have a nice day.


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                Hi again, Debbie. I'm so glad you joined us here! Yes, i have been to Scotland a couple of times. It doesn't take long to fall in love with the place!


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                  Hi Debbie:

                  Sorry it's taken awhile to reply. Yes I have been to Scotland and can't wait to go back. I've wanted to go since I was about 13 and finally went when I was 33 .... and it was worth the wait.

                  Do plan to return some year?