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  • New Here - I think

    Hi all:

    I'm not sure if I visited this site a year or so ago as it looks very different, however some of the mods names look familiar.

    Anyway joined up as I like to talk to people from all over with varying experiences. Can't wait to check out the other boards and start posting.

    Oh I have been to Scotland and fell in love with it - which should come as no surprise. I can't wait to go back this fall and see more.

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    How are you? Will you be vacationing in Scotland or going to university?


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      Doing well ... I've visited Aberdeen and Inverness previously and Aberdeen reminds me very much of where I live now ... on my next return I will be spending some time in Glasgow and Edinburgh and hopefully will have a chance to visit Sterling ... hopefully can make it over around Sept or Oct

      BTW love your love letters ... they really keep me reading


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        thank you.

        I was thinking about that thread today and wondering what i could write. but at present i have no muse... ...i'd like to keep the thread going, though, so i will see if i can find some inspiration and post there again soon!

        It's easier when others write there, too (hint hint).

        Well, what do you like to do? What is your work? ...your interests?


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          Wow my interests ... hmmm ... well I really like to read, watch my football club (both US and English premiership), dance, outdoor festivals, hanging out with friends, traveling ... I'm sure there is more

          My job is to handle hotel guest complaints .... it's not as bad as most people would think ... I think the reason that it makes it way to me is because the people don't feel like anyone is listening .... I really do enjoy it as my day is never the same twice.

          I read in a previous post somewhere on the board that you are an artist. What type of art??


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            That is wonderful what you have noticed about people and listening! I have won two customer service awards from different companies, and i would agree with that! I was very lucky to work for a certain man when i was very young. He was a very successful businessman, and yet he taught me to genuinely care for your customers and think of them as friends... that if you did that, the money would follow... and he was not only right but it also makes work much more meaningful and rewarding!

            Right now i'm doing a lot of very fancy knitting, and designing knitted garments. I also draw and paint (particularly figures), i do photography and mail art. I've done a number of commissions, sold work, and had some in museums and galleries. I want to keep working on renovating my house this year and turn two of it's rooms into a small gallery.

            I also like reading... mostly non-fiction. What do you like to read?


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              I am reading Holly....lololololololol

              Hi highlandbound and welcome from me, sorry theres been a delay in replying to you but I am
              recovering from bad flu !!

              I had better tell you it's Stirling' and not Sterling....lololol

              So you think Aberdeen is like where you live...cold here today even though the sun has been
              shining all day !!

              Autumn in Scotland is lovely, mind you it is lovely all year, I love the snow best !!


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                Hi Babz:

                Hope you're feeling better .. Thanks for the correction sometimes I just don't think when I'm typing

                As I've been to Inverness too I could see me there also .... then I'll probably say the same thing about the other cities I go to .... so let's just say I'd love to live in Scotland ...

                Hi Holly: I'm a big fiction reader and I tend to read alot of mystery novels ... I love Ian Rankin and Val McDermid ... but then I also like fluffy novels like Lynn Kurland and Nora Roberts. You are a busy lady with all the different kinds of art ... I always admire those who have such gifts and can share them with others.


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                  oh gosh, Babz! Stop getting sick!!!! Nothing worse than getting sick just when the spring sun starts to come out!

                  I like mysteries too, highlandbound, i just don't often get a chance to read them. But i was going to offer some odd knitting classes this summer where i combine it with a book group. I saw in a catalog some cute mysteries set around a knitting theme and i thought it'd be fun for my students for us to read them together and talk about them while knitting. One is called, "Died in the Wool." What is it about mystery writers and bad puns?


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                    That would be an interesting class ... well you know some mystery writers get a kick out of seeing how the public responds to their titles ... I have to admit I've tried knitting and I am all thumbs as I could not get a hold of how to use it ... I even tried to crochet and that pretty much feel apart too.


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                      Stick to murders, then.

                      Today something funny happened... i went out my front door to run an errand and saw a car parked in front of my house. There's no parking on my street so that's a little odd. Then they call from the car, it's two ladies i know and they said they'd been waiting for me to come out of the house and that we were headed off to go to other yarn shops on a sort of expedition. They said they called me last night but somehow i didn't get the message, and then they came by this morning and rang the bell which i didn't hear! I did however hear my cat yowling this morning but i thought he was being his usual annoying self until they said they "spoke to him through the window." HAHAHHAHA.

                      Anyway, we had a lovely day, i spent a fortune on yarns and we had a spectacular lunch.... i had pumpkin soup with sausages and bought a bottle of Sangria i tasted at the restaurant to bring home. It was a lovely day, just the kind of thing i needed.


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                        It sounds like you had a most enjoyable day ... I haven't had a good sangria since I left NY ... I have a cat who tends to yowl at night when I'm trying to sleep sometimes I think he waits til I close my eyes and then decides "haha I'm going to wake her"

                        I was in B&N yesterday and walked past a knitting mystery called "Knit One Kill Two" or something to that effect and thought about the post you wrote yesterday. Funny isn't it how the most random things makes you think about conversations you may have had.

                        Today is really a day I could have stayed in bed as I've had the most interesting guests on the phone ... I'm surprised people really hold on to bad experiences for 2 years or more


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                          Originally posted by highlandbound
                          Today is really a day I could have stayed in bed as I've had the most interesting guests on the phone ... I'm surprised people really hold on to bad experiences for 2 years or more
                          What's this?.... "guests on the phone"?.... holding on to bad experiences?

                          Cats are impish, that's for sure! My imp is right here trying to type. He wants my lap no matter what, so he lays with his paws on top of my arms as if he's guiding my fingers.

                          I've heard of that book too... looks good!


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                            Hey there I just wanted to give a quick welcome and I hope you enjoy it here.
                            Humanity is my religion