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Missing the highlands

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  • Missing the highlands

    Hi, I'm a new member. I joined mainly because I have been missing Scotland since I visited last summer and have random questions about the country. I live in the States but am hoping to move to Scotland after I graduate from college next year, or possibly study there for my master's. If anyone has any input on good universities for either Writing, Business, or Photography degrees, that would be great.

    I'd like to meet more people in the meantime and get to know them, the Scots I've made friends with while staying in the highlands over the summer were wonderful people. I can't get over how friendly and warm some of you can be.

    Some things about me: I am actually of Irish descent but have never visited Ireland. I love photography, writing, painting and drawing, and running. I like a wide range of music and enjoy live concerts, the pubs in the highlands were so enchanting to me, too. I loved the traditional music and hearing bagpipes everywhere.

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    Hi there mannah and welcome to

    I hope that you find out all the information that you require, I am going to copy your thread into

    Scotland Dot C*m*on Inn

    as more people will see it and hopefully reply to you !!

    Good Luck !!