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    My boyfriend recently visited Scotland with one of his friends. They had a great time and his friend competed in several Highland games and did very well. They purchased some very nice 50%/50% Cotton/Poly made in the UK zippered sweatshirts in navy blue that say "Scot" on one side of the zipper and "Land" on the other. There is a crest on one shoulder bearing an "X." This quickly became my boyfriend's favorite sweatshirt. Unfortunately, I knocked over a candle and spilled hot wax all over it and ruined it last week. He was really nice about it, but I'm trying to find another. I'm asking here because the tag says " X" on it. There isn't a place for merchandise on the Scotland.Com website and there is no contact information.

    Any suggestions? They can't remember which shop or town they bought them in.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hiya tamalie and welcome to do not have merchandise for sale as far as I know !!

    I did find these addressess online

    but there are no photographs, you could mail them to see if they make the one you require !!


    I do hope that at least one will be of help to you !!

    If the sweatshirt has not been thrown away you could try asking in 'Household Hints' to
    see if anyone knows a good way of removing it !!